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Startup Development Team


Tempoary Contract 
Edmonton, AB

Our client is seeking a Scrum Master to work on service innovation, program review and digital transformation projects across the organization. The Scrum Master will be responsible for the management of the agile sprint process for various scrum teams. SkillsAgile, UX design, Cross-Functional Teams, Delivery TypeContract Project Description Experience Required/ Mandatory Skills

  • Experience working as a scrum master on a large and complex project for a large organization such as state, provincial, or federal government or a private company with 5,000 or more employees or for a startup or small business addressing a complex challenge at scale.

Nice To Have Skills

  • Experience tailoring agile principles, processes, and practices to the delivery and team context.

  • Experience working with teams that apply UX design, service design, design thinking, or human-centred design approaches.

  • Experience working collaboratively in a cross-functional team to deliver product/assignment deliverables in the selected service area and role.

Customer Support Representative



Are you an ideas-person with an uncanny ability to make those ideas come to life? Looking for your next challenge? Look no further! We're looking to hire an ambitious Product Owner to join our Product team to focus on the delivery of new features and innovations for our next-gen platform. If you love innovation and the process of evolving ideas and applying technology to develop the best solutions to problems - this role might be for you!
Your Responsibilities and Deliverables: *
Requirements Management (50%)

  • Develop a strong understanding of our product, our market, and our users

  • Work with Product Managers and Designers to refine the problem and potential solutions

  • Validate design concepts and test solution effectiveness and value with customers and stakeholders

  • Ensure product features are well documented and prioritized, to deliver value to our users and generate growth.

  • Establish metrics to measure feature adoption and confirm the value was delivered

  • Internal Evangelist for new product features demonstrating their function and how they work across the organization

Measures of success: _ We build software that our customers love. Our product requirements are clearly defined and convey the key outcomes that our customers need, and enable development to research and estimate the road ahead!_
Agile Development (30%)

  • Ensure teams have a full understanding of requirements when development begins

  • Lead regular checkpoints for development progress

  • Be the voice of the customer

  • Work with the team daily to further clarify the objectives and purpose of requirements

  • Be creative when blocking issues arise and identify efficient alternatives

Measures of success: _ Works closely with development to maximize the value generated through our development efforts. Finding efficiencies in process, design, and function that balance the needs of our users with the constraints of technology._
Issue Review (20%)

  • Work with product stakeholders and testers to remediate perceived product issues.

  • Schedule confirmed issues with our quality team to be investigated and resolved.

Measures of success: _ Minimize the number of known issues of new features prior to release._
Your Background: 

  • Experience in a similar Product role, working directly with a scrum team

  • A plus if you're Certified Scrum Product Owner or have Pragmatic Marketing Certifications!

  • The ability to balance business needs and usability/design ideas within a fast-paced, agile software development environment.

  • Experience with Process Management, Data Analytics, or Reporting applications is valued!

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