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Management Consultant

Victoria, BC, Canada

Job Type


Closing date



Remote with occasional visit to Victoria

July 12, 2024

06-Aug-2024 to 5-Feb-2025

About the Role

The Contractor’s responsibilities may include the following:
a) Prepare and update bi-weekly status reports of the tasks, activities and deliverables or as requested,
including a) what has been accomplished to date; b) what is happening now; and, c) what is planned
for the future, and
b) Maintain regular communication with the designated IMB contract manager regarding risks or issues
that may affect the success or timely completion of assigned activities.


The Management Consultant Level 1 is required to have the following skills and experience:

Management Consultants with Experience Level 1 are Consultants that can demonstrate in their submitted

examples that they have led multi-discipline teams in strategic or complex initiatives to improve

performance of an organization through analysis of existing business problems and development of future

plans from conception to final implementation, including at least five years experience working with senior

executive management levels within a government body such as Deputy Ministers, Assistant Deputy

Ministers, Government Chief Information Officers and Chief Technology Officers, and that they reported to

an executive manager or senior manager within an organization, managed effective working relationships

with managers up to and including executive level, and/or had individuals performing functions at a

management level or senior technical level reporting directly to them.

The Management Consultant at Experience Level 1 has the following skill set:

a. leadership of teams in consensus building with members from across public sector organizations

such as ministries, agencies, authorities, crown corporations and other public entities as appropriate

to the Experience Level;

b. creating, identifying and articulating strategic objectives;

c. translating objectives into business plans;

d. developing cross-organizational objectives;

e. documenting and formalizing agreements into memoranda of understanding or memoranda of


f. identification and linkage of service outcomes of one organization or groups of organizations into an

integrated service delivery model;

g. identification and implementation of organizational and functional design changes;

h. articulation and development of governance alternatives;

i. articulation, development and promotion of service delivery models, including citizen centric service

delivery models;

j. facilitation of planning for cultural change;

k. investment portfolio analysis and executive decision consultation; and

l. transition planning

In addition to the skills and experience set out above, the Proponents should demonstrate that the proposed

Consultant(s) have the following additional skills and experience:

m. resource workload capacity evaluation and prioritization within a unionized environment;

n. developing and executing technology roadmaps; and

o. managing relationships with a variety of stakeholders during organizational change

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