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Project Manager (IT) - Intermediate

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7000 113 Street, Edmonton, AB T6H 5T6, Canada

Job Type


Closing date



Full Time(7.25 hours/day)



2024-02-05 to 2025-03-31

Government of Alberta

About the Role

Responsible for the coordination and completion of IT projects. Oversees all aspects of projects. Sets deadlines, assigns responsibilities, and monitors and summarizes progress of project. Builds and maintains working relationships with team members, vendors, and other departments involved in the projects. Prepares reports for upper management regarding status of project.

• Compile project charters and business/project plans to support activities, including the most suitable approach to be used in the development of each applicable project, to ensure business objectives and data integrity are achieved.
• Manage project(s) that will document business requirements, design and deliver IT solutions that are compliant with and contribute to the Ministries’ enterprise architecture.
• Assist with the development of recommendations including providing details of resource requirements, dependencies, interdependencies, policy implications pertaining to internal/external influences and the methodology to be applied.
• Produce and package deliverables for presentation to various internal support teams, steering committee, and other project stakeholders.
• Manage multiple projects, project resources and project governance.
• Work with project sponsors to ensure that effective project communication exists through the duration of the project including escalation of risks as required.
• Take responsibility for ongoing client satisfaction – manage peer-level client relationships and overcome hurdles to ensure win-win solutions.
• Collaborate with business and IT leadership to develop a well-defined project plan that clearly states the project’s objectives, scope, assumptions, timeline, resource requirements, risks, benefits and budget.
• Work with project sponsors and the project management office to develop a project organization structure with clearly defined roles and responsibilities for all stakeholders.
• Document and report project status against established objectives, milestones, budget and resources and facilitate tracking and closure of issues and risks.
• Develop project schedule plans and strategies, estimate resource requirements, develop and monitor work plans and take corrective action for completion of project tasks.
• Provide guidance to project resources in establishing work priorities and prompt delivery of project tasks.
• Develop, as required, related requirements documentation.
• In collaboration with project sponsors, assess whether the project achieved stated outcomes and identify opportunities for improvement for future similar projects.
• Provide leadership and assistance to business and project teams that require change management and communication support.
• Work within the standards defined by the project management office and in the absence of standards work with the project management office to define new standards.




Must Have


Education - Degree, Diploma, Certification (PM) - Yes/No


Work Experience

Experience - Custom Application Team Leadership (5 team members) - Duration

6 years

Experience - Meeting Facilitation - Yes/No


Experience - Multiple Project Management - Duration

6 years

Experience - Project Deliverables - Duration

6 years

Experience - Project Management Role - Duration

6 years

Experience - Scoping and Goals - Duration

6 years

Nice to Have

Soft Skills

Communication Skills - Oral/Written within Diverse Group - Points

Conflict Management - Points

Quick Learner, Problem Solver, Independent - Duration

6 years

Time Management

Stress Management - Points

Work Experience

Experience - Change/Communication Management - Points & Duration

6 years

Experience - Enterprise Architect - Points & Duration

2 years

Experience - Executive Stakeholder Maintenance - Points & Duration

4 years

Experience - Forecasting in Project - Points & Duration

4 years

Experience - Leadership (Public Sector) - Duration

4 years

Experience - Meeting Facilitation - Duration

4 years

Experience - MS Project - Points & Duration

4 years

Experience - Teamwork with Staff, Contractors, & Vendor Teams - Points & Duration

6 years

Maximum Extension Term (Months)


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